OR Cockpit+

OR Cockpit is a real-time safety system for surgery that improves patient safety and process efficiency through increased awareness and the adjustment of behavior and workflow processes. With this system, surgical teams benefit from smart, real-time information, dynamic safety protocols and increased workflow control, all through one central system. OR Cockpit+ enables unrivaled patient safety and productivity levels, as well as analysis and reports on any performance parameter.

Real-time smart information - The OR Cockpit system integrates data from EMR, major OR equipment and systems. It validates and interprets that data, displaying essential information to clinical staff only.

Improved compliance and protocol use - The technology in OR Cockpit provides your protocol features to ensure patient safety and compliance. Staff can be alerted when a set parameter is broken or when a certain patient safety protocol is in place for a given procedure. The database will store information on each procedure giving the department and hospital administrators a compliance safety score for each procedure by type, team, and doctor.

Clinical business intelligence & continuous learning - Through the use of real-time analytics, monitoring and reporting features allow for staff to continuously develop and improve their quality of care and patient safety. This drives better protocol which can reduce the number of surgical site infections and associated readmissions.


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